An Overview of TESOL Certification

This article aims to provide you an overview of the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL Certification.

TESOL Certification

TESOL Certification

This certification is also known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL TESOL, which serves as a serious investment of money and time. Individuals who have attained this certification either teach English as a foreign language (EFL) or English as a second language (ESL).

Primarily, you may have an option to teach English as a second language in the U.S. or any part of the globe through various TESOL courses. These courses will help you speak another language and learn the fundamentals of English in English-speaking countries. A course on how to get TESOL Certification is specifically designed to be offered in four weeks or over a longer period of time. Thos course provides you with practical training by means of teaching demonstrations, lesson planning and analysis as well as practice teaching and feedback. It enables you to develop skills in speaking, writing, teaching, culture, analysis, grammar, and listening. The degree starts with a brief look at second language acquisition attained by being a learner yourself.

TESOL Certification – Duration

TESOL Certification can be completed from six to 11 months along with further degrees at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level for individuals who wish to attain higher qualification. This can be obtained by reviewing the TESOL requirements through an Internet access, selecting your graduation date to help you stay focused on your studies and becomes a self-discipline student, scheduling your course work around your job, free time and commitment to your family, and designing a monitoring system to track whether you are reaching your goals for competing TESOL.

If you are planning to get a course related to TESOL, you have to meet some requirements which vary depending on the grade level of the study and the country in which you are finding for certification. Some countries require you to an AA so that you can teach, while some countries are not that tough as they may only require high school diploma to be eligible. However, most schools require teachers to submit any proof for certification course work from a local or international institute. There are also countries requiring teachers to submit documents proving their specialization in certain field that they want to teach.

Obtaining a TESOL Certificate indicates that its holder has completed a course to teach English anywhere in the world. This certificate focuses on three main areas such as learning where you will take part in a language-learning experience for teaching practices examination; teaching where you will examine the theory and practice of teaching, planning, culture, grammar, and evaluation of lessons in listening, speaking, writing and reading; and classroom practices wherein you will use your new skills and knowledge and put them into practice though teaching sessions done on a daily basis.

The best benefit from obtaining TESOL Certification is to have the best career choice in teaching the English language.

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