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This article provides an overview of the English language schools and the courses that they are offering in Australia. Just like any language, the perfect way to improve your knowledge and skill English is to live and converse among the native English speakers.

English Language Course Graduation Ceremonies

English Language Course Graduation Ceremonies

This is where the significance of studying in this country comes in. Studying here will give you an opportunity to apply and improve your English every day. Any English language course here guarantees you a quality education and an opportunity to put such education in application. Below are the English schools offering English language courses.

Universal English College or Global Village in Sydney, Australia

Universal English College offers various English language courses such as Business English, General English and Academic English as well as exam preparation courses for Cambridge and IELTS tests. These courses are intended to meet the needs of the students at different levels of education from elementary, intermediate, and to advanced learning.

English Language Company or ELC

This certified English language school offers an English language course in a part-time or full-time basis. Among its English language courses are accelerated and business English programs and those programs for Cambridge CAE and FCE exams and IELTS. These courses are offered at six levels including pre-intermediate, elementary, intermediate, pre-intermediate, pre-advanced, advanced, and upper-intermediate.

English Language Course by Kaplan International Colleges in Australia

Kaplan International is proud to be reputed as a leader in terms of educating students in English language, with its intensive English language course. It has been teaching the language as foreign or secondary language to overseas students and professional individuals starting 1967. Like any English schools that offer training in this language, the school prepares students to be competitive in their academic careers in the future. It also offers courses for preparation exams, certificates, study review, diplomas, and study programs to foster professional career.

English Language Course by Sydney College of English

Sydney College is a respected English school that has 37 well-furnished and convenient classrooms. The college allows its students to learn English language through homestay accommodation and complete social program with utmost quality. Among the courses it offers include Business English, General English, CPE, TOEFL, CAE, IELTS, and TOEIC.

Navitas English

This English school is acknowledged as one of the largest providers of English language education in the country. The school offers teacher training and English language tuition to local and international students as well as accommodation services to refugees and migrants in the country. Its academic English courses can be completed from 8-24 weeks, its business English courses in eight weeks, its Cambridge FCE, PET, CAE and CPE exams in 12 weeks, and its TOEIC Fast Track courses in four weeks.

Sydney English Language Centre (SELC)

SELC is an international English school which has already established its reputation in the field of education for over 20 years due to its great atmosphere and quality education. Among the courses offered by the centre are General English, English for Academic Purposes, IELTS Preparation, English for Business Communication, High School Preparation Course, and English for Customer Service Communication. It notes that each of its English language course is offered with high possible quality.

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