How to Be a TEFL Certified Teacher

This article offers tips on how to obtain Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification.

TEFL Certified

TEFL Certified

To be TEFL Certified is very significant in securing good job in foreign countries and showing your potential employers that you have extensive knowledge and skills in teaching English abroad.

A TEFL certificate will give you more chances and flexibility in career opportunities and an edge over the other applicants, though not all international TEFL jobs require you to be TEFL Certified.

Try to consider the following tips to be successful in attaining TEFL or TESOL Certification.

  • Think it over and over again as to the TEFL program that exactly fits your requirements. A wide range of programs offering TEFL certificate that vary depending on their tuition fees, location, methods of instruction, whether they require a bachelor’s degree prior to the enrolment, length of the program, and whether the programs are taught online or offline.
  • Be wise in choosing the right TEFL program for you. You can avoid the exhaustive listings of programs from the Internet by requesting information from those that captivate your interest and spending time to decide which one meets your requirements. You may also set an appointment with TEFL trainers and see to it that you will be convenient with them and their teaching method.
  • Know the reputation of the program that you want to take. You can ensure the reputation of the program if you take it from educational institutions that offer accredited TEFL programs worldwide. Do not hesitate to talk and ask a program representative on the details of the foreign language program. This will ensure that you will find jobs as TEFL Certified teachers after graduation.
  • Make an arrangement of your life to help maximize your training. Remember that most TEFL training programs have short duration and high intensity. Be sure to dedicate your time and energy in getting through the course.
  • Plan a great strategy and timeline on how you will be successful in getting your TEFL certificate. You may take an intensive classroom course during weekends if you plan to go abroad.
  • Enroll in your chosen program and prepare for it. You sign-up for an online course on TEFL or visit the institution for admission. Read a lot on the theories and principles and methodologies of TEFL. This will help refresh and enhance your knowledge of grammar.
  • Attend to your classes in a regular basis, make use of your time in the course to try different teaching methods. Keep in mind that there is no need for your trainer to fall back on once you are already in the field.
  • Commit yourself to complete the course, submit all the pertinent documents, comply all the requirements, and pass the final exams if required.

In general, to be a TEFL Certified teacher is very significant, though there are many schools do not require their teachers to have TEFL certification.

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