TEFL On line

This article presents the differences between Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL on line and a TEFL certificate. Generally, the TEFL certification can be attained in various ways, either residential or online or an aggregate of both methods.

The primary difference in the varied types of TEFL programs is the fact that combined and residential programs should be done in a classroom setting, while online TEFL programs should be acquired a hundred percent through virtual setting.

TEFL On line

TEFL on line

It is noted that certification in TEFL on line or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) served as the standard or international eligibility requirement for teaching English as a foreign language throughout the world. This is being referred to teaching English language in countries where English is the national or local language. This is a very significant matter for those who dreams to teach the language in foreign countries through the certification.

TEFL on line – Schools

There are many educational institutions or organizations that provide certification such as TEFL institutes and language schools or tefl training courses. These institutes have the common aim of attaining the international standards for teaching English as a foreign or second language. The certification requires applicants to have at least a 120-hour, which is equivalent to four weeks, study program. Bear in mind that both residential and online programs share the same primary materials including the study of TEFL theories and principles as well as their application to classroom setting. However, an international TEFL program generally requires an observation of language teaching for at least six hours, which is very attainable when done online.

Let us go deeper into the features of both types of programs and see their differences.

Residential programs are intensive and offer teacher training through a lot of activities. These programs are usually last in four weeks and done in various training centers across the globe. They are appropriate for those who wish to attain classroom-supervised instruction for TEFL. They open students to an opportunity of experiencing foreign culture other than the chance of teaching overseas. This, of course, depends on the TEFL institute where you are taking the course.

TEFL on line programs can be done a hundred percent online, which may or may not be coupled with a tutorial. The programs in this set-up enable students to view the lessons in their actual setting, but will not give them a chance to have practical training of their own skills in teaching in classroom. They are generally priced lower than their residential counterpart. They can be beneficial in obtaining advanced qualifications for TEFL after the primary certification.

TEFL on line – Summary

A combination of TEFL on line and residential covers self-oriented study of the fundamentals of the TEFL principles and theories as well as a classroom practical training in a course done in two weeks time. At the final term of the program, the certification attained is similar as the certification of either online or residential TEFL programs. In terms of cost, it is priced lower than the residential program. It is suitable for students who are too busy preventing them to attend to a full four-week program in a residential set-up.

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