This article offers information on Trinity Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL cert or Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL.

TESOL certification serves as your passport to adventure and travel teaching English overseas. The certification is made available for students who wish to further their knowledge and skills in teaching or those who just want to go to the other countries. It can be obtained through a coursework done in a group. It covers five courses, each of which can be completed at least 130 hours with 15 hours in addition for private study.

TESOL cert

TESOL cert

If you are interested in attaining TESOL cert, you should not be below 18 years old. You have to make a demonstration of your competence in both spoken and written ways of this language so you will be regarded a model for this language in your local area or in international setting. You are required to submit two standard tests proving your level of competence in the British Standard English and Received Pronunciation. You also have to be specific if you are taking the coursework full-time teacher training or part-time teacher training.

TESOL cert – Course outline

TESOL cert can be taken in five units for the entire course inTESOL. The first program is intended to assist student teachers to establish the fundamentals styles for cert TESOL. Here, each trainee of TESOL takes part in eight-hour classroom observation in addition to six hours practical experience in teaching in a classroom with a minimum of six students. Following this program is the unit focusing on language awareness to help TESOL trainees gain knowledge on the language’s fundamental structure in its lexical, phonological, as well as in a syntactic form. This permits the trainees learn to verbalize the structure to classroom and explain the differences of the language, either written of spoken. The third unit enables the trainees to determine the necessities and issues encountered by students. It puts emphasis on the determination of strong and weak points and how to establish student objectives. This unit aims to teach trainees on the significance of dealing personal interactions with students in need of extensive tutoring. The fourth unit covers the material assignment to prepare trainees in developing adaptability to a classroom as well as student council or club. It allows trainees to make their own lesson plan and make a list of teaching devices or aids with a written rationale. The teacher trainees then will be able to evaluate whether their own teaching materials and lesson plan succeeded or not during the course. The fifth unit focuses on the unknown foreign language, which allows trainees to understand the difficulty in learning English as second language or ESL. Trainees here are given four hours in the unknown language and observe the professional teacher.

TESOL cert – Requirements

The minimum requirements for obtaining TESOL cert include high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED). Some institutions offering TESOL certification require a student of grad to be a holder of at least a bachelor’s degree before being considered a qualified applicant for the certificate of TESOL.

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