TESOL Degree

This article defines a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL program and presents some of its benefits.

TESOL degree

TESOL degree

A TESOL degree is a qualification intended for teachers who wish to teach the language in countries that are non-speakers of the language. This degree offers teachers with proper skills and training. It allows teachers to make lesson plans, organize and manage classrooms, and use various teaching methodologies.

Obtaining a certificate serves as the primary qualification in teaching TESOL or ESL. TESOL certification provides students with the fundamental knowledge as well as practical experience in English teaching. Qualified students for this qualification should have received a minimum of 3.0 in the grade point average (GPA) on their previous studies and need to pay about $50 for the application fee. They are also required to attain 15 credits of the course to complete the certification.

TESOL Bachelor of Arts (BA) can be taken in four year or eight semesters. Students of BA in TESOL degree may require to have a minimum of 2.5 score in their high school GPA, good written and verbal skills, and official transcripts from the schools they attended. There are specific states in the U.S. that feature residency requirements from their students.


Master of Arts or MA TESOL prepares students to understand the language’s systems, the relationship between culture and language, and the effects of English language learner to the learning process. TESOL MA requires students to have 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate major, two academic reference letters, and graduate record examination scores (GREs). To complete this master program, students should have a teaching portfolio, 36 course credits, and should pass an oral exam. It may also require students to submit their thesis, but this is dependent on the university or college offering the course.

A TESOL degree can also be taken if students already have PhD education. Among the eligibility requirements for this program include writing samples on associated subjects, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation from their former college professors.

TESOL Degree – Jobs

It can be noted that teachers who are graduates of TESOL degrees have great job opportunities. In fact, they are being sought after by most school administrators nowadays. Their likelihood of landing a good position in their field is very high. Most schools and districts offer salary increase for teachers who have a master’s degree in TESOL. This may also serve as their stepping-stone to head staff in professional development. This suggests that obtaining this degree makes students the primary candidates in nearly every educational institution anywhere in the world.

Moreover, statistics show that the number of English language learners these days is continuously rising, encouraging many colleges and universities to recruit teachers who are educated in TESOL program to meet this demand. A TESOL degree can also be international in scope as people from any parts of the globe are on the verge of learning English. This degree opens up more career opportunities to teach English in the U.S. as well as in other countries.

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