The best TEFL courses in London

What better way to start a teaching career than in the heart of the English language – London. Teaching English in Foreign Language, or TEFL, in London is one of the most renowned institutions in the teaching industry; hence the reason why many choose to get enrolled in the programs there.

TEFL Courses – Programs

Several TEFL programs would come as a package and already include accommodation in a guesthouse, a hotel, or a homestay – the first two of which need advanced booking while the last provides a friendlier atmosphere. Usually, deals can be arranged for the prices of a month’s stay in these places. The courses are priced at about an approximate 1600 USD, while accommodations for the duration will be around 700 USD.

TEFL Courses  in London

There are those that cost lower in price, depending on the course chosen and the length of the program. The advantage of taking TEFL courses in London is that those who enlist in the training program can get the actual feel of a learning environment and direct supervision is maintained in all activities and tasks. Grammar and pronunciation are heavily focused on and adopted to an effective lesson planning and the practice of teaching itself.

Other programs would include a part time option for their trainees so that while preparing to become an English instructor, they can continue working as well. More chances of securing a job are felt by the trainees as the institution itself guarantees excellence. Considering all these advantages, plus the great backdrop of the popular city makes TEFL courses in London a good investment for a career. Please note that apart from basic TEFL Courses, there are options available for online-PhD-uk and MPhil TEFL Courses in London Universities. Other English Language courses reaching to PhD include TESOL courses in various universities.

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